viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

Search Command - Microsoft Office 2007

Most grouping would agree that the new user interface for Office 2007 is the best thing that happen to the Office suite since Clippy. It exposes powerful commands and capabilities already in the Office applications otherwise invisible layers of menus and dialogs. However religious Clippy worshipers ease believe Clippy will show them the light.

But like everything else, it isn’t perfect. There are ease scenarios where you know what you’re looking for, don’t know where to find it, and using help would be a sin. Contextual tabs actually solves half the problem by providing tools and commands in environment with what you’re currently focusing on. The other half of the problem lies in situations where what you poverty to do is out-of-context. That’s where “” comes in to play.

Microsoft is currently developing a new plug-in for Office 2007 low the codename of “” (for internal uses). It creates a “Search Commands” tab at the modify of your ribbon menu where inside it, you could see for commands and functions. Simple, like it should be.

For example, typing “pictur” would filter every available commands to a itemize of 9 which were every attendant to picturing. Results can then be access by either clicking on the commands themselves, or by using the keyboard shortcut as numbered at each command. More results are paginated as required.

This feature however is not comparable to applications much as Quicksilver on OSX which allows for powerful operations using exclusive the keyboard. So far, “” is a simple commands filtering tool and will probably remain so when released.

I think this should have been in the Office suite for release, however better later than never.

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